Pink Pitaya and Blue Spirulina Bounty Bars


For the Coconut Filling
1 can coconut milk (250 ml)
2 cups dessicated coconut
4 tbsp Incas Yacon Syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp Incas Pink Pitaya Powder
1⁄2 tsp Incas Blue Spirulina Powder

For the Vegan Chocolate Coating
1⁄2 cup coconut oil
3⁄4 cup Incas Cacao Powder
1⁄4 Incas Yacon Syrup or more if desired


For the Coconut Filling

1. Add dessicated coconut, coconut milk, Incas Yacon Syrup, coconut oil and vanilla extract into a large bowl. Mix to combine the ingredients and split mixture into two separate bowls.

2. Add Incas Pink Pitaya and Incas Blue Spirulina Powders in each bowl and mix until the colors are well combined. Shape the mixture into small bars with your hands, place them on parchment paper and freeze for 1-2 hours.

For Vegan Chocolate Coating
1. Place coconut oil, Incas Cacao Powder and Incas Yacon Syrup into a bowl. You can use the microwave if necessary. Mix until the chocolate is smooth.

2. Remove the coconut bars from the freezer and start dipping them in the melted
chocolate until the bars are fully covered with chocolate.

3. Place bounty bars in the freezer for 1-2 hours.

Enjoy for up to 8 days! 


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