What is Beet Juice?

Circulation Superfood

Beetroot is known for supporting healthy level of blood pressure and 1 serving of Incas Beet Juice Powder = 1 whole fresh beetroot: 1 Bag of Incas Organic Beet Juice Powder is equal to 14-22 medium beets, compared to 1 pound of beetroot powder which is only equal to 3-4 medium beets. It is suitable for individuals who want to mentally & physically perform at maximum energy & efficiency levels everday, perfect for lifestyles including vegan, keto and paleo. Gluten free  & caffeine free

Our Beet Juice Powder is sourced from:

India - Our Beet Juice Powder is produced from premium quality with 100% USDA Organic and contains zero artificial colors, presevatives, soy, fillers, gluten and is non-GMO.