Superfood of the Sea

It’s true – it makes your food brilliant blue and your body healthy too! Our organic and vegan Blue Spirulina powder is derived from blue-green Spirulina algae. Don’t worry, Blue Spirulina does not have a strong fishy taste and smell like the regular Spirulina you know – it has a subtle and neutral taste and can be added to any recipe for a pop of vibrant blue. Simply add 1 gram and adjust the amount accordingly depending on the shade of blue you want. More important than its incredible color, our Blue Spirulina is packed with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B12, iron and riboflavin. This amazing superfood of the sea can boost the immune system, increase energy and metabolism and support healthy joints. Who knew algae could be so cool?

Our Organic Blue Spirulina is sourced from:
• Inner Mongolia of China region – the algae is grown in fresh water in a healthy and safe environment to produce a beautiful blue powder