Peruvian Ginseng

It’s Macatastic! This must-have superfood has a superb nutrient makeup - it’s packed with protein, essential amino acids, iron and calcium, just to name a few.  Native to Peru, Maca delivers abundant energy, increases stamina and helps your body naturally adapt to stress. It even improves moods and aids in hormonal balance. Our gelatinized version is tummy-friendly and the most concentrated form of Maca, so you can get the most nutrients out of this incredible Incan superfood. Its pleasant, nutty and toasty flavor makes it an excellent addition to smoothies and desserts. Maca can even be paired with anything that contains chocolate!

We source our Maca from small, family-owned farms, where it is grown, harvested and gently milled at low temperatures to produce a fine, pleasant-tasting powder.