Apple of the Earth

Yacon Syrup is a low glycemic and ketogenic sweetener that offers low calories, boosts metabolism and supports a natural weight loss. How? Its secret lies in a hard-to-pronounce ingredient called fructooligosaccharides (FOS). As a powerful prebiotic, FOS passes through the body undigested and nourishes the good bacteria in your intestine. A healthy gut has multiple benefits on your digestion and can help with weight control. Not to mention it tastes similar to caramelized sugar or molasses and is an excellent low-calorie substitute to sugar, honey and maple syrup.

We source our Yacon from the inter-Andean valleys of South America and Peruvian Amazon regions. The Yacon fruit is harvested, carefully selected and the juice is extracted and concentrated to produce a sweet and 100% natural Yacon Syrup.