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mermaid food <3

I love making drinks, raw vegan desserts, and chia puddings with this spirulina. it doesn't take much to get a beautiful blue color, so this bag will definitely go a long way. It doesn't have a detectable taste like some spirulina supplements out there, so its perfect to use as a natural food dye or as a superfood supplement. Ill be using this for my cousins mermaid theme birthday party to make her cupcakes ^_^

Jessica Shields

A colorful, healthy start to my day, and allergy safe!

High quality product that is just as brightly colored as shown on the packaging. Plus it's an easy boost of antioxidant goodness for my greek yoghurt and granola. I was glad to see that it's free of common allergens as I have a lot of food sensitivities. No problems with shipping.

Matt Rogers

Great product arrived as advertised

I received my lucuma powder exactly as advertised. I just tried it this morning in a cup of rooibos tea, and as the description says, it does provide a slight sweetness that isn't overpowering (very good for me as I don't like things to be too sweet). It felt good to know that I was getting more nutrients and minerals through my daily cup of tea! I might try to bake with it as well but for now I am happy adding it to drinks. :)

Caitlin Murphy